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    The 5 Stages Of Running Up Mt. Tam

    "run up this mountain with me," they said. "we'll get beer after," they said.

    Mount Tamalpais is a gorgeous gesture of land that towers 2,574 ft. above Marin County. Hiking to the peak means being in the company of clouds, then surpassing them and standing in the sun, above a misty sea that covers the Bay Area. It's gorgeous and hiking to the top is challenging, fun, and worth it. I was convinced that running up the slope would be all these things – and more. The logic was deeply flawed.

    These are the five stages of running up Mt. Tam:

    1. Denial: 10 - 400 ft. above sea level / Via

    I'm a really good runner and I can't wait for lunch!!!!!!

    2. Anger: 400 - 800 ft. above sea level

    The hill has not stopped hill-ing. I hate the slope, the people I'm with, and myself for being so easily talked into brutal exercise. There is no worse life than my life.

    3. Bargaining: 800 - 1,600 ft.

    Walk. If I walk now, then I’ll catch my breath and be able to run again super soon. In fact – walking is the secret. If I walk now, I’ll make up time.

    Please Mountain God, if I walk – with the path flatten? Will I finally reach the sun?

    4. Depression: 1,600 - 2,000 ft.

    I shouldn’t have run. I shouldn’t have left bed. I should have just stayed in Tennessee and taken over the family business, like my dad wanted me to.

    5. Acceptance: 2,000 ft. - peak

    I am a god. The foggy land below is my kingdom.

    All of the beers are mine too; so I will be taking them now – thanks.