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Emojis You Need In Your Life

"Solitary Batman standing atop a building, staring down at Gotham, dejected"

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1. Taco

2. Burrito

3. Solitary Batman standing atop a building, staring down at Gotham, dejected

4. Nachos

5. Two tacos

6. A whole pizza

7. Every face and gesture of the regular Emojis but with a responsive skin tone and gender slider

8. Misguided karaoke

9. A mic drop

10. A unicorn celebrating

11. When it's 3am and you sort Yelp for "nearby restaurants" and there are lots of

"nearby restaurants" and then you sort for "open now" and all the "nearby restaurants" disappear forever and you shed a tear, THAT TEAR

12. Hands covered in Cheeto dust

13. Hands covered in blood

14. All Harry Potter characters as well as symbols for each major theme and event in the series

15. At least nine more styles of camel

16. At least nine more rice dishes

17. Two missed calls from your mom

18. Your roommate's girlfriend

19. Your roommate's ex-girlfriend

20. Your former self, disappointed by what you've become.

21. A Bloody Mary with no food

22. Toast

23. $4 toast

24. $6 toast

25. Triscuits, ice chips, and some ginger ale for your achy tum-tum

26. The white girl holding a yoga mat

27. The white girl holding a "tribal print" t-shirt

28. The white girl holding the skulls of native peoples

29. The white girl in a vast emptiness, beyond privilege, beyond time, beyond space, beyond, even, herself

30. Bacon

31. Avocados

32. A Save the Date from your cousin

33. $300 bridesmaids' dresses

34. Your ex boyfriend's sweatshirt/your favorite sweatshirt

35. An Amazon drone

36. A corporate drone

37. A few more fax machines, in a variety of colors

38. Someone taking a selfie, with an iPad, in a bar

39. Hot garbage

40. Breakfast burrito

41. A clearer, not-praying-hands high five

42. Cheese

43. Cheddar cheese

44. Swiss cheese

45. Brie

46. Brie with honey

47. Brie with nuts and honey

48. Brie with nuts, honey, and a glass of white wine, and a old friend – you can talk

about anything and it's good to reminisce

49. The hope of the 90's

50. Netflix

51. The Netflix dragon burning down a Blockbuster

52. The Nisha Call

53. A giraffe

54. Menorah

55. An intern on a hamster wheel

56. Your Boss's Khakis

57. Kale

58. Lobster

59. Crab

60. You at a nice lobster/crab dinner, you said the thing he begged you not to say -- now it's all ruined, the whole thing -- at least there's crab

61. 3-legged rescue dog

62. Cupcake

63. Oprah giving away alpaca sweaters and her favsies quinoas

64. Champagne bottle, popping the way they do in cartoons

65. The sweatpants you wear to get Thai food

66. Iron Throne

67. Olive Garden

68. You saying you'll be five minutes late and your friends knowing you mean 30 –

it's a little game you all play so no one has to call anyone out for being a awful

69. Middle finger

70. Middle finger with a wedding ring

71. Middle finger with a gay wedding ring

72. Middle finger that is pointed inward, reflective.

73. The blood of your enemies, spilt this night

74. Cake in the office kitchen

75. Climbing the fire escape at dawn, just to see your kingdom

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