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Baby Jumping Penguins And A Monkey On Fire

This is a collection of baby penguins and monkeys.

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Baby Penguin Jumps on Man's Belly

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Baby penguin is pecking at my legs and then decides he wants to get up for a better look. Penguins are so funny... great jumpers from the water, but not so great on land.

Baby Monkey thinks I'm a Monkey!

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A wild baby monkey jumps on my shoulders and start picking my hair and ears. He tries to steal my camera, then when I start to walk he jumps off.

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Baby Penguin Meets Man for the First time

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Baby Gentoo Penguin on the shores in Antarctica. He jumps on my face and picks my eyes and face. Could have lost an eye!

Monkey King Fire Dance Gone Wrong!!

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This balinese traditional fire dance has the Monkey King surrounded by fire, but he is not supposed to kick the fire into the audience! Mahem insues as the dancers try to rescue the audience.

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