12 Reasons Paul F. Tompkins Should Be Your New Favorite Comedian

If the classy and quick-witted stand-up isn’t already.

1. He looks good in a suit.

Dressing like a fancy gentleman isn’t a requirement for good comedy, but, like his humor, PFT’s sartorial taste is distinctly high-brow, with a dash of the whimsical.

2. That mustache.

Comedy Central / Via youtube.com

Also not necessary for comedy. But few can pull off a lip caterpillar that dapper.

3. He’s a consummate storyteller.

TBS / Via youtube.com

PFT can hang with the best when it comes to jokes, but he excels at charmingly delivering personal stories.

4. He masterfully combines the silly and smart.

See also his epic assessments of daylight savings time, Google Voice, and the cake versus pie dilemma.

5. He has a talent for impressions (that diverge wildly and hilariously from their real-life counterparts).

IFC / Via youtube.com

Comedy podcast nerds may know him from his appearances on Comedy Bang Bang! or his own Pod F. Tompkast as a variety of characters including “Cake Boss” Buddy Valastro, Gary Marshall, Ice-T, Werner Herzog, and Andrew Lloyd Webber.

6. His lets his characters take on lives of their own.

Earwolf / Via youtube.com

Which is why his Cake Boss can see the future, his Gary Marshall hunts the Loch Ness Monster, and his Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber is a time cop.

7. He can play straight man just as easily.

Made Man / Via youtube.com

He amiably hosts the interview series Speakeasy, where he’s chatted and had drinks with actors like Aziz Ansari, Michelle Rodriguez, and Bill Hader.

8. He uses sarcasm for good.

There’s plenty of snark to PFT’s stand-up, but he balances his smart-ass quality with imaginative writing and an earnestness that invites an audience in.

9. He’s game for just about anything.

Fusion / Via youtube.com

Currently PFT hosts No, YOU Shut Up!, a political discussion show. With puppets.

10. He’s charitable.

To raise awareness of youth-oriented reading and tutoring non-profit 826LA (whose storefront is a time travel mart), PFT—in the guise of a time-traveling H.G. Wells—hosts the Dead Authors Podcast, a monthly interview series with comedians playing skewed (and often hastily researched) versions of famous deceased authors. All proceeds of the show go to 826LA.

11. He has a decent set of pipes.

Some would say his cover of Adele’s “Skyfall” is the definitive version.

12. The camera loves him.

Earwolf / Via youtube.com

Or he loves the camera. Seriously, look at that twinkle. Either way, we win.

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