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    May 10, 2012

    Things You Didn't Want To See When Traveling The World

    Travelling to other countries is a rewarding experience, but there are some things you'll see that might be upsetting if you have a big heart for animals.

    Chickens and Eggs at a Peruvian Market

    It's still not clear if the chicken or the egg came first.

    Lonely Bears in Tourist Trap in Cherokee, North Carolina

    Worse than the worst prison.

    Tired and Abused Carriage Horses in Many Cities

    This poor guy is in Luxor, Egypt. Fortunately many cities—including Biloxi, Mississippi; Palm Beach, Key West, and Treasure Island, Florida; Paris, France; and London, England—have banned horse-drawn carriages.

    Dogs Waiting for Slaughter at a Korean Market

    It's doubtful Obama ever ate here.

    Stray Dogs in Central and South America

    These dogs, along with an estimated 30,000 other strays, roam the streets of Mosquera, just one suburb of Bogota, Colombia's capital.

    Whales in Captivity at SeaWorld in Florida, Texas, and California

    Flickr: milanboers

    SeaWorld "resident" Tilikum, pictured above and known for killing his trainer, has a collapsed dorsal fin, which only occurs in captivity.

    Elephants Used in the Thai Tourist Industry

    If you want to see elephants in a more natural habitat visit the Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai, Thailand

    Sheep Everywhere in Australia

    You can barely turn around without seeing sheep in Australia, but the abuse isn't always so clear. Pete had his tail cut off like all sheep, but was still attacked by flesh eating maggots which had burrowed deep into his exposed tissue. He was unable to move and close to death when investigators found him wasting away on a Australian wool farm. He dies a couple hours later.

    Overworked and Starving Cows in India

    Cows may be sacred in India but that doesn't mean people can afford to feed them. This guy was rescued by the sanctuary Animal Rahat.

    Maybe it's Best to Never Leave Home!

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