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    12 Of The Best Vegan Hot Dogs In Los Angeles

    Two men, one day, 18 vegan hot dogs.

    1. Street Dog with Coconut Bacon from Organix Market

    The street dog is technically a gourmet vegan sausage dog with vegan mayo, mustard, ketchup, onions, and bell peppers. Pro tip: Add the coconut bacon; it adds a nice flavor and crispy texture.

    Organix is in fact a market, not a restaurant, so it's not an ideal place to eat, but the food makes it worth it. And you can stock up on your vegan specialty foods after you eat.

    Eagle Rock at 1731 Colorado Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA, 90041 | 323-254-0284.

    2. Homemade Veggie Dog from Meea's

    The bun at Meea's isn't vegan, so we went bun-less, aka German sausage style. The veggie dogs, which can be ordered spicy, are homemade. Visible chunks of carrots ensure these soft and tasty dogs won't be confused with any processed Tofurky sausages.

    The pickled papaya topping, which is a sweet kraut, was a hit.

    Eagle Rock at 1734 Colorado Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA, 90041 | 323-254-0284.

    3. 100% Homie Veggie Dog from Tokyo Doggie Style Food Truck

    Tokyo Doggie Style is a fusion Japanese food truck. Their vegan veggie dog is a homemade veggie patty — made from hijiki, edamame, cilantro, onion, brown rice, ginger, and garlic — that is hidden beneath a mountain of yuzu citrus slaw, aonori dressing, sweet pickled daikon, and a homemade teriyaki sauce. The dog is sweet and the most unique of any we visited.

    FollowTokyo Doggie Style on social media or check their website to see their upcoming locations.

    4. The Creature and the Scare-inara from The Franken Stand

    The Franken Stand is a 100% vegan "spooky-themed" hot dog stand. Staple menu items include The Creature, The Witch, and The Franken, which are all different Tofurky dogs. The Creature, pictured above, is the most basic dog, but there's a huge selection of condiments to spice it up.

    The special of the day was The Scare-inara, pictured below, which is an "Italian sausage strangled by a killer marinara and finished with pepperoni and melted mozzarella." The Franken Stand guy sure loves puns! And he used a mini blow torch to melt the cheese, which was awesome.

    5. Tofu Brat Currywurst-Style and Tofu Kielbasa in a Bun from Berlin Currywurst

    When we asked about vegan options, the woman at the counter cheerfully explained that anything could be prepared vegan using any of their three Tofurky sausage options.

    After you choose your sausage, you select your style: either currywurst, meaning in a sauce with some bread on the side, pictured above; or just "in bun," pictured below. Then you pick your heat level.

    If you've already eaten four hot dogs earlier in the day, the wise decision, it turns out, is to not go with the extremely filling bun option. Instead we recommend getting the orange-ginger currywurst with the veggie sausage of your choice. And watch your heat level: The "bear-bender" was too hot for us.

    Two locations: Downtown L.A. and Silver Lake. We went to the location in Silver Lake at 3827 W Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90026 | 323-663-1989.

    6. Smoked Apple Vegan Sausage from Link N Hops

    On their website Link N Hops claims their "vegan options are the best in town." In addition to their five vegan sausages, their clearly labeled vegan toppings include grilled jalapeños, spicy pickles, Hawaiian plum BBQ, and vegan cheese.

    After five individual veggie dogs each, this is where we started to split our orders. There are limits to our stomachs.

    7. Sooo Cali Veggie Dog in a Lettuce Wrap from DogHaus

    The Sooo Cali comes topped with wild arugula, crispy onions, avocado, and tomato. Since their bun isn't vegan, we ordered the Sooo Cali burger in a lettuce wrap instead (soooooooo Cali). While this is not a photogenic dog, the contrasting textures of the ripe avocados and the crispy onion was to die for.

    DogHaus has 10 locations now open in California and 64 coming soon in California and five other states. We visited the Burbank location at 3817 West Olive Avenue, Burbank, CA 91505 | 818-566-4287.

    8. Caroline’s Chili Dog from Tony's Darts Away

    Vegans have long known the restaurant and craft beer pub Tony's to be a safe haven — a place where it's the NON-vegan options that are clearly labeled as "NV." Tony's has a wide range of Tofurky sausage preparations like the Mexicali and mango apple. Caroline's Chili Dog, seen above, is covered in arbol chili, brown mustard, vegan cheese, and raw onion.

    We've long wished they would take a cue from Franken Stand and melt the cheese (yes, vegan cheese can melt!). We must say that despite the fact that we had already eaten a combined dozen hot dogs, the over-the-top deliciousness of this chili dog had us hankering for more! Thanks to Caroline's Chili Dog, we hit our second wind.

    1710 W. Magnolia Blvd., Burbank, CA 91506 | 818-253-1710.

    9. The O.C. (Original Carrot) from Fritzi Dog

    Rather than go the typical faux meat route, Fritzi Dog has an entire veggie menu centered around its amazing carrot dog! The carrot dog is a "whole carrot sous-vide in 26 spices," and if we were ever tempted for seconds it was with this veggie dog.

    The O.C (Original Carrot) version is served in a vegan pretzel bun, warm sauerkraut, and super spicy mustard. Yes, stopping by the Fritzi Dog stand for a carrot dog is actually worth navigating the terrors of The Grove's Farmers Market. And that says a lot.

    The Grove's Farmers Market at 6333 West 3rd Street Stall #742, Los Angeles, CA 90036 | 323 936 9436

    10. The Patt Morrison Baja Vegan Dog from Pink's Hot Dogs

    Pink's is an institution. "A Hollywood Legend Since 1939," they serve a vegan veggie dog named after a Los Angeles-based radio and TV personality. Become part of history by braving the lines (we went in the late afternoon far from any normal mealtime and still had a 10-minute wait) and ordering yourself the Patt Morrison Baja Vegan Dog, which comes topped with delicious fresh guacamole, chopped tomatoes, and chopped onions.

    709 N. La Brea Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90038 | 323-931-4223.

    11. Cumberland Wurst Platter from The Addiction Bisto

    After a day of hot dog stands, the Addition Bistro was full-on up-scale! We had a server, and a table cloth, and they even served us water. They also have a vegan menu which takes some navigating because not everything on the vegan menu is default vegan. Their eight vegan Addiction Dogs are available at lunch only so we opted for one of their wurst platters. At $17 the platter was our priciest meal of the day by far, but it also won the prize for being the most delicious.

    The Cumberland wurst platter comes with forbidden rice, red cabbage, and cherry Cumberland sauce. Their website claims, "Addiction Vegan Wurst are the most delicious sausage you'll find anywhere!" We don't doubt it.

    408 North La Cienega Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA | 323-203-1793.

    12. Vegan Hot Dog from Skooby's Hot Dogs

    Could there be a better place to end a day food touristing around Los Angeles than on the Hollywood Walk of Fame?

    At Skooby's traditional hot dog joint, they'll give you a vegan hot dog for 50 cents more that you can dress up with basic do-it-yourself toppings. Skooby's cooks their vegan dogs until they're crispy, which was a nice variation.

    6654 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028 | 323-468-3647.

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