Watch A Man Crush An Adorable Baby’s Basketball Dreams

Ain’t nobody safe in these streets. Even this adorable little girl.

1. Here we have a young man, a toddler, and an excitable fellow recording it all with his smartphone.

2. Let’s break this down. The ballhandler approaches the baby defender at the top of the key.

Within seconds, he’s already got an advantage: the baby is in terrible defensive position!

3. Almost immediately, he sets up the baby for the crossover with a deft behind-the-back dribble.

She’s playing him a little too close, especially for someone with a significant quickness disadvantage.

4. Look at this poor defense. She’s reaching for the ball instead of relying on her fundamentals and shuffling her feet.

Her favorite player is probably Steve Nash.

5. Arms straight out in front? Check. Flat-flooted? Check. Not forcing the ballhandler to drive with his weaker hand? Check.

It’s not a matter of if this guy is going to get past her, but when.

6. Uh oh. Now she’s off-balance. Baby done fucked up now.

7. Oh shit! She’s gonna be on SportsCenter.

8. Look at his face.

9. None of us have ever felt this triumphant about anything in our small lives. Behold the accomplishment.

10. She’s flat on her ass, he’s on his way to the basket and all we can do is hope she’s learned a valuable lesson.

Because life is cruel, he’s got to let her know about it.

11. Terrible baby defender can’t do a thing but watch as this man fulfills his destiny.

12. So we never see the lay-up in the video. But there’s no question that he missed it, right?

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