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    • joeg36

      I question your assertion that the Yankees’ use of “Enter Sandman” pre-dates the Hokies’. Can you authenticate that? You say the song has been used for Rivera “for well over a decade” that would make it potentially several years less that VT, which started using it when a new Jumbotron was built in Lane Stadium for the 2000 season. And at the time no one was using “Enter Sandman” for an entrance that I am aware of. The video you show is the ONLY instance I know of in which the song was used during the game. It had always be used solely at the beginning of the game to bring the team out of the tunnel and onto the field, which is one reason why the crowd got SOOOO pumped in this video. Interesting story of how it was originially selected: It was chosen by a couple guys in the Sports Information Department. They knew they wanted a heavy metal song to play before the team took the field as highlights were shown on the Jumbotron, but disagreed on whether it should be “Enter Sandman” or AC/DC’s “Thunderstruck.” So they settled it in the only appropriate way for a decision of this magnitude: they arm wrestled for it.  -JWG VT ‘89

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