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    • Joe

      Gallo did not re-edit the film. The print shown at Cannes was made for Cannes submission in early March 2003. The final cut was done may 4th 2003 days the before Cannes premier. The finished film was not mixed and printed in time for the screening but the edit was locked and remained locked. Gallo’s cut were at the end of the film. Ebert was booing , hissing and singing within the first five minutes which were not cut. Ebert could not get past his own complexes which made him so uncomfortable. Read the idiot here jbinitials. That jerk calls Gallo self indulgent. What does that means jerk? Inflated ego? jbinitials probably never saw the film or his jealousy of other men prevents him from enjoying certain works. The Brown Bunny is a very original and powerful film. What films have you made jbinitials you jerk.

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