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The Stages Of Giving Up Smoking

No Smoking Day, Lent - it's the season of giving up bad habits. For anyone who's ever tried to give up smoking, this will be a familiar story...

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We all know smoking's bad for you. Unfortunately, you are an expert at denial.

Then you work out how much money you spend on cigarettes every year...

Fags thrown out, declaration made - no going back now.

You're full of optimism - you can totally do this!

The air smells fresher, the sky looks bluer... You don't need to smoke!

Until you find yourself walking behind a smoker...

You try to compensate by having more of your other daily pleasures - like strong black coffee - and realise that's not the way to go.

Food? Maybe food. So you eat ALL THE FOODS.

Of course, everyone's got their own 'helpful' quitting tip they can't wait to share with you.

"Cold turkey - it's the only way to go!"

A few days in - the cravings have peaked and it's getting tough.

At work, people cheerfully head out for a fag break - and you can't join them.

Words of encouragement from friends and family fill you with rage.

The realisation hits: you can't do this on your own.

After a trawl of the Internet (with regular Buzzfeed breaks, obvs), you find something that might just WORK.

Patches, knitting, holding a carrot instead of a cigarette - it's just a matter of finding out what works for you. The No Smoking Day website is a great place to start.

Armed with your new strategy, you take on the fags again.

Eventually, you emerge from the hellish quitting battle as the victor.

The best part? When someone asks you if you smoke, and you can finally (and honestly) say NO.

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