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The 13.1 Stages Of Running A Half Marathon

Months after picking your half marathon, your training is complete and now all that's left is to ruddy well run it.

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1. The early wake up call

If you managed to get any sleep last night, it's cut short by the RIDICULOUSLY early alarm you set to make absolutely sure you don't oversleep. Which you've dreamt about. A LOT.

2. Then you remember - today's the day!

Cue Rocky-style training montage flashback. You are SO ready for this.

3. When you finally get to the start line, the nerves kick in.

Nervous excited, nervous excited, nervous excited... CAN WE JUST START?

4. It begins. You feel good. REALLY GOOD.

13.1 miles? 13.1 SCHMILES.

5. You remember to pace yourself. And choose not to.


6. A few miles in, it's time for a water break.

Hydration, so important, all the water, water makes winners.

7. Of course, that has an unfortunate side effect...

Finding a toilet suddenly tops your list of priorities. Screw the world record - you CANNOT do a Paula.

8. Toilet found. Back on track. But it's getting tough...

Your legs are wobbly. Were your legs always this wobbly? WHY ARE YOUR LEGS WOBBLY?

9. You realise you're being overtaken. By people in COSTUMES.

How are they doing this? Why are they looking so spritely? Didn't they drink any water? Oh dear god, what was in the water?!

10. Then, suddenly, you hit the Wall.

Dreaded by runners everywhere, 'Hitting the Wall' is an experience like no other.

Is this it? Are you going to quit? Why did you ever think this was a good idea?

11. But then, in a sudden burst of inspiration...

Whether it's the thought of the charity who've helped you prepare, having to tell all the people who sponsored you that you didn't make it, or turning up at work tomorrow without a medal - something helps you smash through the Wall.

12. Finally, you reach the finish line!

Finishing: Expectation.

Finishing: Reality

I mean, at least you try to style it out...

13. Posing for the victory photo, you know it was all worth it.

Quick - try to look as fresh as possible.

13.1 In a haze of glory and triumph, you sign up for another run

The Internet is full of possibilities for your next challenge.

Another half marathon next year, yeah?

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