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The 10 Most Iconic Screen Outfits Of All Time

The British Heart Foundation asked people to name memorable outfits from film & TV. And Borat's mankini didn't make the top ten.

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10. Grace Kelly's dress in Rear Window


It's not the best known garment of the bunch (despite Grace's reputation as one of the classic Hollywood beauties), but it is one of the most stunning. Still, it only just gets her into the countdown.

9. Julia Roberts' "before" outfit in Pretty Woman

It's a strong look, you have to admit. Amazingly, Vivien's cut-out, PVC ensemble beat the incredible red dress that got Richard Gere all gooey-eyed.

Sorry Julia - it's number 9 for you.

8. Jessica Rabbit's dress in Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

Plunging neckline, eye-wateringly high split... Not the easiest dress to carry off. Fortunately, with proportions that would make Barbie run to a plastic surgeon, Jessica pulls it off.

P.S. Ever tried to find a picture of Mrs Rabbit that isn't focused on the chestal area? Shame on you, Internet...

7. Michael Jackson's Thriller outfit

According to Wikipedia, the red jacket that got Jacko to number 7 in the poll was designed by Deborah Landis - wife of the video's director, John - to make him appear more "virile".

Good work, Deborah - this is your moment.

6. The Baywatch swimsuits

From the programme that brought us Sunkissed Hoff, Running Pamela, and many storylines about people trapped in dangerous (yet mysteriously accessible) caves... this famous scarlet swimwear.

All together now: "Forever and always - I'M ALWAYS HERE"

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4. Ursula Andress' bikini in Dr No

Not only did this outfit hit number four in the vote, but it's been cited as the most famous bikini of all time, has its own Wikipedia page, and Ursula even credited it for her entire career.

Not bad for hardly any material...

3. Bad Sandy's makeover in Grease

Number of girls who wanted to be Good Sandy: 0

Number of girls who wanted to be Bad Sandy: All of us

Number of girls who could carry off the skin tight look: Just one; Olivia NJ.

2. Dorothy's ruby slippers in The Wizard of Oz

We've all wished for shoes that had the power to take us home after a big night out (click your heels together three times and repeat "I will not be hungover"), so it's not surprising that these magic pair feature in the list.

Sadly for Dorothy, they just missed out on the top spot...

1. Marilyn Monroe's white dress in The Seven Year Itch

Often imitated, never bettered - this was the dress that became synonymous with Marilyn. Topped off with her blonde bombshell hair and trademark red lipstick, it's a pretty deserved number one.

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