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How to Be a Celebrity Goddess: Step-by-Step for Hollywood Hopefuls

Charlie Sheens girlfriends are 'Hollywood Goddesses' and this plush job is available for anyone looking to have an extraordinary career in the entertainment business. Never heard of a 'Goddess' before or unsure how to break into the Celebrity Goddess business? Let us help you. As a local Celebrity columnist we have outlined all the steps for a 'Goddess' position in Hollywood household's. Don't pass up applying for this plush job as you too could be seen on ABC and NBC working hard with your new employer and reaping the awards of the best new jobs opening in the entertainment business.

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  • 1. Check Craigslist for hiring 'Celebrity Goddesses'

    The first step to a successful career is to get out and find those people looking to hire Goddesses in the area. We suggest Craigslist, but in Los Angeles, you will find postings at coffee shops littered around the bigger studios in Los Angeles.

  • 2. Give your best 'Goddess' qualities in resume form

    The resumes need to be littered with intense qualifications to make sure everyone gets the idea you are a 'Goddess.' Give your measurements and make sure you include a head shot. In addition, steer clear of those pesky words that could clutter up your name and address. In fact, heck with the resume and bring a couple of racy photos and share.

  • 3. Ace the interview by wearing less than usual

    Remember when your mom told you to Bat your eyes and uncross your knees? Well, that life altering advice is what you need to get the job. Make sure you make physical contact at some level as well. Touch the hand or more. Depends on just how committed you are for your level of comfort.

  • 4. Remind your potential employer you like to be on TV

    A celebrity Goddess needs to have her 'smile' on and appreciate the lights of the big screen. Stress the importance of your desire to be on camera and referenced as the 'Goddess.' Give a couple practice giggles and put your feeling into it. A Goddess must be on television discussing her lifestyle so show off your skills.

  • 5. Showing off your nanny skills for twins only

    Nanny skills are a dime a dozen, but if you specialize to twins exclusively, you will find that is a sincere qualification for any 'Goddess' position. Take in doubles and show off yourself pushing a double stroller. One crib is far more difficult to manage than two.

  • 6. Offer up a laugh at every joke

    Your potential employer will be the apple of your eye. Don't blow it by not laughing at every joke he says. Giggles, chuckles and eye rolling are all encouraged.

  • 7. After the Interview, offer to go to the bar to discuss terms

    Celebrity Goddesses is a new frontier for the entertainment business. Don't be foolish by leaving and thinking there will be a call back. Spend the cash and buy your new employer a drink at the nearest bar. Welcome to Hollywood Baby!