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39 Terrifying Thoughts You Have While Applying Self-Tanner

Is being tan really THAT worth it? Yes. The answer is yes.

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1. I'm so pale

2. Like SO pale

3. I can't leave the house like this

4. Ugh why are tanning beds so unhealthy

5. But Spring Break is coming up and my legs are blinding

6. Eff it, I'm using self tanner

7. I'll google "self tanner" and go from there

8. Wow, that's a lot of options…

9. I'll text my friend to see which one she used that one time 3 years ago

10. Ugh, that's just as expensive as a spray tan

11. At least I get more than one use out of it

12. What do you mean there are 6 different shades to choose from?

13. They should just name them "Snooki" or "Gisele" to be more clear

14. Wait, you have to buy a SEPARATE applicator glove

15. Whatever I'm doing it

16. Okay here I go

17. How many pumps do I use?

18. OMG this looks orange

19. Am I going to be orange?

20. Too late it's already on my arm

21. What if I don't put it on even?

22.This seriously smells weird

23.I just realized doing my back is going to be an issue

24.Maybe I just won't do my back

25.Yeah, bad idea

26.Circular motions…circular motions…

27.Shit, I went up and down

28.I have no idea what I'm doing

29. How am I supposed to do my face if I have to close my eyes?

30. I should really of put a towel down for this

31. Wait, I can't shower for SIX HOURS?!

32. What do I do for six hours?!

33. I guess just sit here?

34. If I sit on a leather couch will it rub off?

35.It's weird how much comes off in the shower

36.Did I not let it sit long enough? It said six hours!

37. Woah look at me! I look cute!


39. I'm a bronze goddess, baby

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