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13 Things You Can't Do With A Broken Arm

Don't be fooled, breaking your arm does not mean you get a nice break from work. Welcome to six weeks of torture.

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6. Do Your Hair.


Congratulations! You're dressed and almost ready to leave the house. But first, you must try to do your hair. Who knew that tying your hair in a ponytail could be so difficult with one arm? You better hope the 'dragged through a bush' look is in this season.

7. Cook.


What's that? You're hungry? Forget eating anything that remotely resembles a proper meal. Unless there's a kind volunteer around to cook for you, you're just going to have to settle for a couple of slices of bread for now.


9. Earn Any Money.


You were excited about having six weeks off work until you realised you weren't getting paid for it. Now that you can't afford to do anything, daytime TV is going to become your best friend. Hello Jeremy Kyle!

10. Shop.


Having no money means you can't use your spare time to hit the shops. Even if you did have the money, how many bags can you carry with one arm? And are you forgetting something else? Nothing looks fashionable on you when you're wearing a cast!

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