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    12 Things That Definitely Aren't Butter

    It's unbelievable how not-butter these things are.

    1. We can but hope.

    2. It is in the spreads aisle after all.

    3. It really does, but it still isn't butter.

    4. Surely it has to be?

    5. Alright, we get it.

    6. We are SHOCKED.

    7. Maybe it is both butter, and not-butter simultaneously?

    8. I really thought it was, for a second.

    9. I mean, it could have been butter.

    10. Maybe I don't need butter anymore.

    11. Yeah, that's right! No more butter for me!

    12. These are all I have left now.

    NBC / Via

    Tough luck Andy, there's none of that here.

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