41 Reasons Living In York Ruins You For Life

    The best city, in the best county. Live there once and you'll never regret it.

    1. Because the parks in York are scattered with history – and tame squirrels.

    2. Because any minute you can turn a corner and stumble into a view like this.

    3. Because you can wander down stunning medieval streets like The Shambles to do your shopping.

    4. Because the best delicatessen in York looks like this.

    5. Because you can hire a boat and explore the city from the river that runs through the heart of it.

    6. Because every year you'll find students rolling down Clifford's Tower for no apparent reason whatsoever.

    7. Because the museums look like country houses.

    8. Because you can scramble around the ruins of St Mary's Abbey whenever you want to.

    9. You can even go and see a play that's set around them.

    10. Because you can always go to Bishy Road for a delicious breakfast at The Pig & Pastry.

    11. Because 14th-century buildings like the Merchant Adventurer's Hall are nestled away between busy streets.

    12. Because you can go to the world famous Bettys for brunch and listen to a live pianist play in the middle of the tearoom.

    13. Or just treat yourself to their afternoon tea.

    14. Because even the streets have names that make you smile.

    15. Because you can spend a quiet afternoon wandering around the Railway Museum.

    16. Because the Millennium Bridge lights up and shimmers brightly through the night.

    17. Because Rowntree Park is a hidden gem away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

    18. Because the Ouse refuses to stay in its place.

    19. And even flooding won't stop you from popping to your regular for a drink – even if the water is six feet deep.

    20. Because even if your regular is shut, rumour has it there's a pub in York for every day of the year.

    21. Because it's totally normal to have your journey around the city interrupted by a goose or 50.

    22. Because when the wind blows in the right direction, the entire city smells of chocolate.

    23. Because you can walk the entire way around York on the city walls.

    24. Because the train station is as grand as the city it belongs to.

    25. Because you walk through gates like this to get into the city, and it never stops being an experience.

    26. Because you can cycle around safely and quickly whenever you want.

    27. Because York is always full of music.

    28. Because should the unthinkable happen, and you want to visit another city, it's only two hours from Edinburgh and London.

    29. Because regular food markets show off the best and most delicious produce from around Yorkshire.

    30. Because the entire city lights up for Illuminating York.

    31. Because you're one short train journey away from the Yorkshire moors in all their glory.

    32. Because no matter how many times you see it, you will never get over quite how amazing York Minster is.

    33. And because the inside of the Minster is as gorgeous as the outside.

    34. And if you climb to the top of the tower, you're greeted by this incredible view.

    35. Because if you want a proper roast, you're not going to find anywhere that does a Yorkshire pudding better.

    36. Because York Maze always provides something new and interesting to get lost in.

    37. Because Banana Warehouse is so stuffed full of ramshackle curiosities you could spend a day there.

    38. Because you could spend weeks in the Evil Eye Lounge and never taste the same cocktail twice.

    39. Because once you've lived in the greatest city...

    40. ...in the greatest county...

    41. ...you'll never, ever want to leave.