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    17 Undeniable Reasons Pancake Day Is The Best Day Ever

    Move over Valentine's Day, Pancake Day is the only real reason February exists.

    1. Valentine's day is over!

    2. Which means only one thing - PANCAKE DAY!

    3. Right in the middle of coldest, bleakest, grimmest February..

    4. The world saw fit to bestow upon us the TREAT YO SELF of holidays...


    6. Pancakes are the best food. Therefore Pancake Day is the best day.

    8. There's sweet pancakes...

    9. ...and savoury pancakes.

    10. And they're all as mouthwateringly delicious and easy to make as each other.

    11. You get to show off your mad pancake flipping skills.

    Scenes like this erupt around the world.

    12. You're only supposed to use what's left in your cupboard... but that's not a thing.

    13. So you get a massive shop in..

    14. And invite everyone you love* over for a pancake party.

    15. Even as you think to past Pancake Day, when you might be giving something up for Lent, and your heart drops.

    16. Just remember..


    February 17th 2015, DON'T FORGET.