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Here's Definitive Proof That Taylor Swift's Style Is Inspired Entirely By "Friends"

"You go talk to your Friends, talk to my Friends."

Tumblr user lighthearted-swift recently pointed out how Taylor Swift clearly draws inspiration from none other than Rachel Green from Friends.

Here she is in moody dungaree shorts.

The homage to Rachel's boyfriend blazer-miniskirt combination here is too real.

It is undeniable.

They are actual style twins from different eras.

BUT it's not just Rachel who inspires Taylor. Here she is, pulling a Monica.

She's also very subtly rocked a Tribbiani vibe.

Even Phoebe doesn't escape Taylor's style-stealing ways.

Here are the two showing off their cosy sleepwear.

Ross' leather trousers faux pas seems forgivable when you see Taylor wear her own pair.

And although she might not have stolen Chandler's look, her dancing style certainly looks familiar...

There you have it, definitive proof that Taylor = Friends.