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17 Things Every British Person Misses About Being A Student

RIP freedom.

1. Refusing to get out bed until past midday.


A horror story: once you start a 9-5, your body literally will not let you sleep past 9am. On the upside, it allows for thousands of graduates every year to get really really into brunch on the weekends.

2. Group watching daytime TV in your underwear.


Farewell Jezza, you were our good companion for three short years.

3. Making an event of getting as drunk as possible as quickly as possible before the actual event begins.

4. Slamming professional photos of you from every night out.

5. Cheap deals on pizza.

Now we have to wait until Tuesday like the rest of the idiot world.

6. Spending an inappropriate amount of time and money on making yourself look ridiculous.

7. Dedicating parts of your day to rejuvenating yourself.



8. Completely arbitrarily hating another group of people, guilt-free.

Warner Bros

I'm talking about varsity rivalries here; you can try to rally your office into chanting loudly about the office opposite yours, but it's unlikely to happen, isn't it?

9. Sex that literally costs you nothing.

10. Living, working and playing all within a square mile.


Sure, it made you criminally lazy, and probably in no way prepared you for life, but WASN'T IT AMAZING?!

11. Not giving a fuck about your appearance.

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University was that beautiful lull between desperately caring about your appearance during sixth form, and society forcing you to care about it after you graduate.

12. Lots of lovely free money from the government.


Before you had to start thinking about oh god how are you ever going to pay it back now.

13. Dedicating four months each summer to utter hedonism.

Morgan Creek Productions

FOUR. BLISSFUL. MONTHS. Remember that? Remember how you just wasted them getting daytime drunk in your local pub? Remember how gloriously free you were?

14. Having a squad.

15. The whole university being your sexually available buffet table.

Castle Rock

University was a tiny, incestuous bubble, where no matter who you fancied, you knew someone who could spill the dirt on them. Remember that fondly as you swipe forlornly through your 17th consecutive tinderboy wearing an ironic snapback.

16. The library.


OK, so this might be more like Stockholm Syndrome rather than actual fondness, but there was a real sense of camaraderie when you and your fellow sufferers were bound by despair and identical deadlines. It's just not the same as the lonely panic of working in the office by yourself until near midnight because you, predictably, fucked your deadlines for that big project.

17. Rambling 4am kitchen conversations.

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You'll probably never feel as clever as you did when you threw down Foucault in an argument about reality TV after a night out. After uni, it's more about hydrating and preparing yourself mentally for the two day hangover that's bound to follow.

I guess this is just our lives now.


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