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    21 Times Tumblr Totally Knew What You Were Going Through At School

    Plot twist: Your teacher accidentally calls YOU mum.

    1. When they summed up everyone's thoughts on the first day back.

    2. When they described an awkward situation every '00s teenager has endured.

    3. When they revealed the worst thing about multiple choice tests.

    4. When they took some solid advice and ran with it.

    5. When they celebrated their weird textbook covers.

    6. When they knew the teacher knew what they meant, and so did the rest of us.

    7. When they revealed the strongest start to any class presentation ever.

    8. When they correctly identified an affliction.

    9. When they rewrote that traumatic memory with a twist.

    10. When they found a failsafe cheat for every exam.

    11. When they knew exactly what this face meant.

    12. When they showed that a good education results in a questioning mind.

    13. When they perfectly described that feeling.

    14. When they perfectly described everybody's approach to homework.

    15. When they knew no one actually prepares for class.

    16. When they learned about taking constructive criticism on board.

    17. When they revealed something everyone had suspected all along.

    18. When they gave an honest answer to a simple question.

    19. When they found the perfect dog to describe this awkward moment.

    20. When they stood with the victim of petty classroom theft.

    21. When they didn't play by the rules to get what they wanted.