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21 Year Nine Kids Who Just Need To Calm Down

What a bunch of legends. Year Nine Banter is off the chain.

1. Alright Craig mate, calm down.

2. Jodi that is nuts!

3. Nobody messes with Matt.

4. Don't get too messy!

5. OMG Sam! I can't believe he literally did that.

6. Brendon is such a badass.

7. What a bunch of jokers!!

8. What a nutter!

9. Can't BELIEVE he didn't get excluded for that.

10. OMG Amber! That is hilarious!

11. #YOLO

12. John doesn't play by the rules, such a rebel.

13. That is JOKES.

14. Jess is so wild!

15. Epic night lads. Epic.

16. Fucking hell Henry, what a hero.

17. Those girls are crazy!

18. OMG Brandon! Hilarious!

19. Don't give these girls red bull!

20. OMG crying!

21. Argos wankers!