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21 Year Nine Kids Who Just Need To Calm Down

What a bunch of legends. Year Nine Banter is off the chain.

1. Alright Craig mate, calm down.

ThinkStock / Izaphoto

2. Jodi that is nuts!

ThinkStock / AndreyPopov

3. Nobody messes with Matt.

ThinkStock / zefart

4. Don't get too messy!

ThinkStock / JupiterImages

5. OMG Sam! I can't believe he literally did that.

ThinkStock / Michael Blann

6. Brendon is such a badass.

ThinkStock / Rzhe

7. What a bunch of jokers!!

Wikimedia Commons

8. What a nutter!

ThinkStock / Bananastock

9. Can't BELIEVE he didn't get excluded for that.

10. OMG Amber! That is hilarious!

ThinkStock / Fuse

11. #YOLO

Creative Commons

12. John doesn't play by the rules, such a rebel.

ThinkStock / 4774344sean

13. That is JOKES.

ThinkStock / tetmc

14. Jess is so wild!

RaeAnnaFrame / ThinkStock

15. Epic night lads. Epic.

16. Fucking hell Henry, what a hero.

Wikimedia Creative Commons

17. Those girls are crazy!

Wikimedia Creative Commons

18. OMG Brandon! Hilarious!

19. Don't give these girls red bull!

20. OMG crying!

ThinkStock / Martina_L

21. Argos wankers!

Wikimedia Commons

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