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    31 Nursery School Problems That'll Take You Back

    "Miss, Miss, Henry's pooped in the sandpit again."

    1. Having to choose just one teddy for the Teddy Bear's picnic.

    2. When the ball pit isn't deep enough.

    3. When it's 10:15 and break time still hasn't been called.

    4. When the teacher tells you playtime is over and it's nap time now.

    5. When grown ups think you're stupid.

    6. When it's time to play "Sleeping Lions" and you're just not feeling it.

    7. When your parents say your drawing is beautiful but the teacher doesn't put it on display.

    8. When you're hungry but all the food is plastic.

    9. When the teacher interrupts your game to teach you to spell cat.

    10. When you can't spell cat.

    11. Sour. Milk.

    12. When Henry does a poo in the sandpit again.

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    13. When your enthusiasm to get into your toy car works against you.


    14. And then Annie shows you up by being just too cool for school.

    15. When Steven won't stop pulling your pigtails.

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    16. When you have an "accident".

    17. When your nemesis is next on the slide after you.

    18. When your friend interrupts your pudding to tell you Hello Kitty isn't a cat.

    19. When Tommy comes in wearing Baby Gap and you can't stop laughing because that was so last year.


    20. When only you know who farted.

    21. When your enemy gets put in time out.

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    22. ...But then you do too.

    23. When you get in trouble for splashing Ella with water during your epic boat battle but you don't even care.

    24. When your parents won't stop talking to the other parents and you just want to go home.

    25. When you go on a day trip and it all gets a bit much.

    26. When teacher says a naughty word.

    27. When you're not quite sure about that new kid.

    28. When you're working with idiots.

    29. When 2 + 2 = 4 but you have absolutely no idea why.

    30. When you leave for five minutes and find you've missed the biggest paint fight of your life.

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    31. When you realise you'll actually have to do work next year.

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