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This Woman Married Herself After She Turned Forty And Hadn't Found "The One"

Her mother gave her away in the ceremony which celebrated love and life.

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Yasmin Eleby promised that she would marry herself if she hadn't found a suitable partner by the time she turned 40.

In January, she fulfilled that promise by hosting an elaborate wedding ceremony for her marriage to herself.

The ceremony was a spiritual rather than legally binding one, as it is still illegal to marry yourself in America.

According to a post on the venue's website the bridal party included ten bridesmaids.

Eleby said the best part of the day was having her family stand up for her; her mother gave her away and her three sisters were her bridesmaids.

She described the event as "a celebration of love, and of life."

In a Facebook post she spoke about what the event taught her:

I want to encourage each of you to spread your wings and fly! You are not too old and it's not too late to try something different, learn a new skill, travel to exciting places, etc… Don't be afraid to take risks. I've learned that family and friends are always willing to welcome you back home if/when you decide to return.

A friend of Eleby's on Facebook said: "It took some of us to get to 40 to recognise we didn't need a man to be complete regardless of what was instilled in us."

Yasmin plans to treat her travels around the world later this year as her honeymoon.