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These Stunning Illustrations Contain Powerful Messages For Women Around The World

The artist Carol Rossetti spoke to BuzzFeed News about what inspired her to create these pictures.

Carol Rossetti is the Brazilian artist behind this series of illustrations, titled Women.

Each instalment depicts a different woman from around the world, and contains a powerful message for that woman and all who share her struggle.

From celebrating the right to wear a hijab to encouraging body confidence, the illustrations tackle the insecurities and problems women face every day.

Speaking to BuzzFeed News, Rossetti said: "It's mostly about our freedom to express our identities and to make our own life choices."

"It should be something very simple, but we judge and are judged for all our personal choices – it happens the whole time."

"Ever since I was little I saw this kind of situation, and I find it really damaging to our self-acceptance, so I decided to draw about it, always trying to keep a positive message."

For the women ageing however the hell they want.

For the women who take ownership of their own bodies.

For the women who don't need your approval when it comes to who they sleep with.

For the women who are comfortable in their own skin.

For the women who don't let fashion dictate whether they are comfortable.

For the women who are proud of choosing to honour their faith in a way that makes them happy.

For the women whose inner beauty shines through no matter what life throws in their way.

For the women fighting the hardest battle.

For the women who are so much more than their painful experiences would have them believe.