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    A Guy Fought Off A Swan To Save Its Offspring And He's The British Hero We Deserve

    Simon from Wildlife Aid has balls crafted of pure titanium.

    This is Simon. He works for Wildlife Aid and he's been called out to rescue a cygnet that's been trapped in a fence.

    However, the cygnet is being guarded by its dad.

    Getty Images/iStockphoto Dan Chippendale

    Simon says to the camera: "I'm not quite sure what the scenario is. What I do know is that an adult swan protecting its young is normally incredibly vicious."

    He approaches the giant, feathery, terrifying bird and gently shoos it away. / Via

    "Alright big boy, come on then, yeah yeah.. off you go." He says, as if the thing wasn't half his size and ready to attack.

    He turns his attention to the trapped cygnet saying, "Hello sweetheart" before the swan strikes. / Via

    "BACK DOWN" he commands, barely even flustered.

    He returns to the cygnet, when the swan thwacks him on the shoulder. / Via

    "Alright, don't do that" Simon adds, "Don't be silly" apparently forgetting to freak out even though a GIANT SWAN IS TRYING TO KILL HIM.

    "Stop it. Stop it. It really hurts." / Via

    Simon's getting a bit annoyed now. But still, not scared.

    Simon's kept the swan away for long enough to gently push the cygnet out of the fence.

    He picks up the cygnet, now free from the fence.

    And releases him back onto the lake. The swan's not even remotely grateful that Simon saved his baby. / Via

    "Go and protect your baby!" Simon-the-Swan-Whisperer commands. "Don't have a go at me! I just let him out!"

    The family's all together again. / Via

    "So they've all got together again, everybody's happy and i've got a bruised arm. So lovely to do something like that... We can go home and resume my dinner which I was in the middle of when I came out."

    All hail Simon the Swan Whisperer. Protector of Cygnets, Keeper of the Peace.

    Watch the whole, nailbitingly tense thing here.

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