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27 Things That You Would Only See In A Wetherspoons

"Cheers": where everybody knows your name. Spoons: where nobody knows their own.

1. Welcome to Wetherspoon's, where seeing a man dressed as a penis isn't uncommon.

2. Where you're always made to feel at home.

3. And where you're totally free from judgement.

When I imagined being an adult I did not think I would be in Wetherspoons at 10am wearing leopard print pyjamas but hey here we are

4. You'll never tire of a Spoons.

@cherry_lambrini walking into any old bar & realising IT'S A WETHERSPOONS is how cavemen must've felt when they first made fire from sticks

5. It ain't too fancy.

Only in Wetherspoons do they pour a bottle of Prosecco into a plastic jug with 2 plastic glasses in Manc on a Sat !

6. But Wetherspoon's will welcome you, night or day.

Only in wetherspoons would a guy be sat at the bar with a pint at 9:30 in the morning

7. As long as you can get in, that is.

In Plymouth this is the queue for wetherspoons, wtf!

8. It is a colourful place.

Lynzey Billing / BuzzFeed

9. Full of interesting people.

Only in Wetherspoons could you go into a stall and have someone beatboxing while washing their hands.

10. Who will always get you out of a tight spot.

highlight of work tonight was having to call the fire service because someone locked themselves in a toilet.. only in wetherspoons 😂

11. They'll cater to your every whim.

12. There's so much to see at your local Spoons.

A man showed us his tattooed penis, only in Wetherspoons.

Only in 'spoons could you watch a man pee in a plant and then watch a member of staff ask him to "calm down and use the toilet in future".

13. So much to hear.

'I'm not homosexual, and if you are that's fine but you are a very attractive male' ......only in spoons on a Tuesday night #eavesdropping

14. So much to smell.

I've only been in Wetherspoons for five minutes and someone has already smelled my neck. Nice.

15. The patrons of Spoons are full of hidden talents.

16. It's a pub that will always put a smile on your face.

Wetherpoons for breakfast en masse. Always cheering to see someone on their 2nd pint by 10:30

17. Even the toilets are a destination point.

Biggest Spoons toilet Ive ever been in 5 sofas, a sink bigger than my bath & loos bigger than my upstairs bathroom :|

18. Where you'll want to look your best.

19. They don't play by the rules.

You know you're in a Wetherspoons when they have to stop serving fried breakfasts because the microwave's broken.

20. But they always put the customer first.

A victory for humanity is announced in the Wetherspoons in house magazine

21. Spoons will feed you when you're hungry.

@jdwtweet When I ordered a hot dog and cheese I wasn't expecting this #wetherspoons #wtf

22. And will look after your spiritual needs too.

Things are getting emosh on the toilet door of spoons

"I don't really know myself!"

"That's ok! Explore yourself and you also explore the world."

"Love & Light!"

"We are all the same!"

"Soul & energy."

23. You'll want to tell the world you're there.

You clearly don't get the whole 'let's show all of Facebook how exciting my life is' thing when you're checking yourself in at Wetherspoons.

24. It's a place where the great and the good mingle freely.

you know you're in spoons when the moet is next to the squirty cream #classy

25. Some of your friends might turn their noses up at it.

I think the Germans have a word for the awkward rift when you just want to go to a Wetherspoons but you've got fancier friends than that now

26. But two things can't be denied: it'll always give you a great choice.

I love it when you get a choice , stay classy Wetherspoons

27. And it is cheap as 'eck.

I have JUST found out that Curry Club costs £6.49, that's SIX POUNDS FORTY NINE ONLY, for a curry with naan, rice and poppadums AND a drink!

We'll drink to that.