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26 Things Only Former Emo Kids Will Understand

Misery business was thriving in 2007.

First, let's set the scene with the soundtrack to 2004.

1. You couldn't leave the house without painstakingly applied eyeliner.

2. The daily struggle with skinny jeans was real.

3. You would spend ages styling your hair to get that totally unique look.

4. There wasn't any point to being in a relationship unless you could take photos like this.

5. Wednesday was the most important day of the week because that's when Kerrang! came out.

6. And you'd use the pictures to decorate your room.

7. This Venn diagram perfectly sums up your approach to music at the time.

8. It was all about star tattoos... But you had to find a less permanent alternative.

9. You fancied Sonny Moore waaay before he was Skrillex.

10. These cartoons totally got you.

11. You remember when the Daily Mail ran a campaign against emos.

12. And you cheered on as the emo community fought back.

13. That moment in "Sorry You're Not a Winner".

14. You perfected the MySpace pose years before the word "selfie" was a thing.

15. You had a LiveJournal to write down all your deepest darkest secrets and feelings.

16. You had at least one accessory with Jack Skellington on.

17. Your Converse were everything to you.

18. Fall Out Boy were life.

19. You wanted ear gauges.

20. In fact, you probably wanted all the facial piercings.

21. No outfit was complete without one of these.

22. "Hanging out" in highly visible public places was what you did most weekends.

23. Local band nights were the only place to be seen.

24. Even if the bands were terrible, the crowd would react like they were at the Warped tour.

25. And you pretended that moshing was the best thing ever, and not at all life-endangering or painful.

26. But most importantly, you would categorically deny that you were an emo to anyone who called you one.