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    23 Delicious Lunches To Brighten Up Your Day At Work

    Put that supermarket sandwich down! It's cheaper, tastier and more fun to bring your lunch from home!

    1. Lemongrass Pork Banh Mi

    Renew your enthusiasm for sandwiches with an aromatic Vietnamese staple. Get the recipe!

    2. Flank Steak Taco With Peach Salsa

    Squeeze fresh lime over it just before eating for an extra burst of flavour. Get the recipe!

    3. Cauliflower And Feta Fritters

    Fritters are the perfect dinner which also makes a yummy lunch the next day. Get the recipe!

    4. Pressed Italian Sandwich

    This sandwich is basically a normal sandwich that's been squashed down for 6 hours. This one involve arugula and italian meats and cheeses. Get the recipe!

    5. Pea, Goat Cheese And Mint Glamwich

    This is a teeny Swedish smörgåstårta; it layers cool refreshing goats cheese, pea and mint with nutritious rye bread for the perfect work lunch. Get the recipe!

    6. Avocado and Grapefruit Salad

    Step 1. Acquire ingredients. Step 2. Throw them all into a bowl. It's that easy to make this sharp and bright salad. Get the recipe.

    7. Black Bean Wrap Bento Box

    Bento's not just for sushi! This cute box contains a load of healthy fruit and veg and a wholesome and tasty wrap with beans, rice and spinach. Get the recipe!

    8. Five Ingredient Pesto Pasta

    As easy to make as it is envy-inducing, the fresh ingredients kick this staple pasta salad up a notch. Get the recipe.

    9. Summer Couscous Salad

    This salad is so fresh and light it'll break the monotony of any gloomy working day. Get the recipe.

    10. Cold Rice Noodles With Peanut-Lime Chicken

    Pack the dipping sauce and peanut dressing separately and have an enviably elegant lunch break with this Vietnamese classic. Get the recipe!

    11. Smashed Chickpea Sandwich

    If you like hummus you'll love this crunchy sandwich that's cheap and easy to make! Get the recipe!

    12. Jerk Chicken Drumsticks

    Pair these with a tasty coleslaw for an amazing carb free lunch that's full of flavour. Get the recipe.

    13. Cranberry Turkey Croissant Sandwich

    Croissants are a quirky substitute for bread in a sandwich; the classic turkey cranberry filling is given a new lease of life when paired with baby spinach. Get the recipe!

    14. Chicken And Avocado Pittas

    These pitta pockets are as colourful as they are nutritious. Get the recipe!

    15. Cottage Cheese Madder

    A Madder is an open facing sandwich on rye bread. This recipe combines cottage cheese with chives, tomato and cucumber to make a tasty Scandinavian favourite. Just keep the topping in a separate container and assemble when you're hungry! Get the recipe.

    16. Baby Peas And Cheese Frittata

    This recipe makes 8-10 servings and only takes 15 minutes! Perfect as a side or a main for any packed lunch. Get the recipe!

    17. Chicken Tsukune Meatballs

    Tsukune are Japanese meatballs that are covered in a sweet soy based sauce. Team them with sticky rice and asparagus and you'll have the best lunch in the office! Get the recipe!

    18. Greek Lentil Salad

    Greek salad is one of the classic flavour combinations: This recipe includes lentils for that extra burst of protein, and if you're feeling peckish you can add chicken or salmon to top it off. Get the recipe!

    19. New York Style Bagel

    This bagel has to be one of the contenders for the official dish of New York; pastrami, emmental and mustard are a winning combination. Get the recipe!

    20. Vegetables Semiya Upma

    This noodle dish is a popular breakfast in South India, but works perfectly as a lunch as well. Get the recipe!

    21. Orzo Salad with Chicken, Corn And Tomatoes.

    Replace the chicken with feta or chickpeas for a tasty vegetarian version of this unique pasta salad. Get the recipe!

    22. Zucchini And Chorizo Slice

    These slices are so moreish it's just as well the recipe makes four servings. Get the recipe!

    23. Sweet Potato And Corn Soup

    Pour into a thermos and grab a crusty roll and you've got a lunch that'll brighten up even the darkest day in the office. Get the recipe!

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