19 Problems Only People Who Hate Milk Will Understand

    It is actual juice squeezed from the nipples of a cow. Shudder.

    1. Even though you might love cheese...

    2. And you're all about chocolate...

    3. You are absolutely passionately against milk in all its liquid forms.

    4. Do not be fooled by this cute animation, milk is a terrible terrible thing.

    5. FACT: Milk is the preferred drink of notorious murderers like this one.

    6. To drink milk from the source you would literally have to SUCKLE A COW.

    7. And let's talk about the milk moustache, which everyone has been trying to make sexy for about 15 years.

    Here are three of the most beautiful people in the world, even THEY look ridiculous with a milk moustache.

    8. Then there's what happens if the person drinking milk ACTUALLY has a moustache.

    9. Milk propagandists are getting out of control.

    10. People keep arguing about whether tea goes in before or after you put the milk in the cup.

    11. When obviously the correct answer to the question of milk in tea is...

    12. Milk in the fridge is actually an evil ticking timebomb.

    13. Expiry dates cannot be trusted.


    This was shot on the actual sell-by date.

    14. If you drink milk, this WILL happen and ruin your day.


    15. This means you have to sniff milk before using it, and though it is impossible to convey the smell of gone-off milk over the internet, this picture might help.

    16. THEN there's the apparent inability of everyone in the world to drink milk without getting it everywhere.

    Why? Why only milk? This literally never happens with any other drink.

    17. In fact, there are loads of ways drinking milk can ruin your day.

    18. If you can stomach milk in cereal, being faced with this at the end of it all is a nightmare.

    19. And when people drink coffee but dilute it with weird cow-juice.

    IN CONCLUSION: this is the only acceptable to do with that bottle of milk.