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    Nov 6, 2014

    22 Exceptionally Awkward Football Photo Shoots

    Includes David Beckham posing uncomfortably with a giant plate of fishfingers. From the amazing tumblr Awkward Football Photo Shoots

    1. Don't worry Alex Ferguson, I, Tony Blair, shall protect you from these footballs.

    PA Archive/Press Association Images FIONA HANSON

    2. Ajax celebrate a goal spontaneously and without direction.

    Adidas /

    3. Zenit Saint Petersburg try to reach new fans with a popular young character who was really big a few years ago… and introduce him to Bart Simpson.

    Meanwhile in Russia... Zenit sign Bart Simpson.


    Meanwhile in Russia... Zenit sign Bart Simpson.

    3:53 PM - 01 Sep 14ReplyRetweetFavorite

    4. Time out of management is just flying by for Harry Redknapp.

    Nintendo Wii /

    5. Gary Lineker tries to steal a kid's crisps while defecating.


    6. Sensing his time in the England squad may be fleeting, Matt Le Tissier gets his hands on a souvenir.

    Ted Blackbrow/Daily Mail/REX USA

    7. Craig Johnston reflects upon mortality with his boot: "Alas, poor Yorick."

    8. Can someone pass Eric Cantona the shaving foam?

    9. Frank Lebouef declares some sort of ancient war in the name of chocolate.


    10. Gary Lineker wears a hat you'll have to read twice.

    Neil Munns/PA Archive/Press Association Images

    11. Pele gets carried away meeting the Arsenal team.

    PA Archive/Press Association Images PA

    12. Lothar Matthäus vaults a fence.

    Hans Rauchensteiner for People magazine, May 1993 /

    13. David Beckham, face of Armani, Adidas, and... er... fish fingers.

    PA Archive/Press Association Images Zak Hussein

    14. Alex Ferguson cleans up with a couple of new signings from Wimbledon.

    PA Archive / Peter Wilcock/EMPICS Sport / Via

    15. West Brom find reasons to celebrate in four different directions.

    16. Refuting claims they only follow the money, Sol Campbell and Carlton Cole sign for Harrods.

    Empics Entertainment Matt Crossick / Via

    17. "Hello, welcome to Ipswich Town FC, and who are you here to see?"

    PA/PA Archive/Press Association Images / Via

    18. Dalglish's perverse fetish is discovered.

    PA Archive/Press Association Images PA Photos

    19. Zinedine Zidane laughs at a cake.

    Photo by Andreas Rentz / Getty Images for adidas / Via

    20. Kevin Keegan gets caught in a complex love triangle.

    PA Archive/Press Association Images PA

    21. David Beckham forms a defensive wall with Brandi Chastain, Michelle Obama and SpongeBob Squarepants.

    Getty Images Entertainment

    22. Wayne Rooney splashes out on some new wheels.

    PA Archive/Press Association Images PA / Via

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