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    19 Things That Are Definitely Totally Fixed, Honest

    Why pay a professional to do it when you can mangle the job yourself?

    1. What do you mean the sofa's broken? I fixed it didn't I?

    2. C'mon Officer, don't joke around, I fixed the headlight last time you mentioned it.

    3. What do you mean that's not an acceptable new door handle?

    4. Mum will have somewhere to sit at Christmas now I've fixed that chair!

    5. This is definitely the best way to transport that dirt.

    6. I thought I wouldn't be able to drive out in this snowstorm, but then I thought to myself, well, I've got a broom..

    7. This is exactly what they mean when they talk about computer fans, right?

    8. There's no way I'm forking out for a new car seat, this'll do fine.

    9. And then they were like, "But it doesn't come with cupholders" but I wasn't going to let that stop me.

    10. And I was like, nah, we don't need to take it to a garage, trust me, I have a coat hanger.

    11. See! You'd hardly know I had to patch it up a bit.

    12. No hair tie? No problem.

    13. Yeah, that phone's all taken care of now, should work a treat.

    14. A stick is a perfectly acceptable replacement for a shower curtain rail!

    15. Psht, you don't need to buy a new razor, I fixed yours just fine.

    16. I. Am. A. Genius.

    17. Why would you even bother to get a plumber in?

    18. See, no one will even notice it's slightly broken.

    19. I bet everyone is jealous of us in our cool convertible, you see, there was no point in getting the roof fixed.