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Struggles Every Girl Who Needs A Whole New Wardrobe Will Understand

Sure, your wardrobe's full, but that's not the point!

1. Piles upon piles of clothes - but not a thing to wear.

2. So you panic.

3. You imagine a world where getting ready is as easy as clicking your fingers - but to no avail.

4. You try on outfit after outfit, but each one is more depressing than the last.

5. You look around at the heaps of clothes now all over the floor and still, not one outfit looks wearable.

6. Your room is constantly messy from all the clothes you try on and throw on the floor in frustration each morning.

7. You know there are safe, go-to outfits that you've worn a hundred times before if you get really desperate.

8. But you just want to look GOOD for ONCE.

9. You don't know how other people manage to dress effortlessly well, day after day.

10. You wonder if you can get away with wearing a top from four years ago that could maybe pass for acceptable again.

11. Nope.

12. Maybe this time you'll build the perfect capsule wardrobe of outfits that always look good.

13. Instead of just the same random bits of clothing you thought were a great purchase at the time.

14. So without any complete outfits to rely on, you try to make up your own rules for what works - with varying degrees of success.

15. And even though you know that lurking deep down in you, there is someone who could and should be able to dress well.

16. So you throw on your standard uniform and sigh.

17. Occasionally you stumble across a 🔥 outfit you'd forgotten about.

18. But then you go and ruin it by throwing a jumper over the top.