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J.K. Rowling Had The Most Perfect Response To Rupert Murdoch's Anti-Muslim Comments On Twitter

The media mogul had tweeted out his opinions on "Moslems" after the Charlie Hebdo attacks in Paris.

Following the attacks on the Charlie Hebdo offices in Paris, News Corp chairman Rupert Murdoch took to Twitter to share his views.

Maybe most Moslems peaceful, but until they recognize and destroy their growing jihadist cancer they must be held responsible.

A lot of people on Twitter had angry responses for Murdoch.

Writing an app that detects sentences starting with 'Rupert Murdoch says..." and replaces the rest with words 'meaningless reactionary bile'

@hrtbps I'd like to offer an apology on behalf of us all. Murdoch's comments don't represent the views of mainstream Rupert community

Oh good, Rupert Murdoch has waded into the Charlie Hebdo debate. I was wondering what an outdated, bigoted, sociopath might make of it all.

But J.K. Rowling had the most perfect response of them all.

She then added this to further prove her point.

.@dom209 The Spanish Inquisition was my fault, as is all Christian fundamentalist violence. Oh, and Jim Bakker.