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28 Moments That Everyone Who Has Ever Written An Essay Will Understand

You are not alone.

1. When you're convinced there aren't any deadlines happening any time soon.

2. When essay week begins.


3. When it's the night before your deadline and you haven't started yet.


4. When you haven't read the book but manage to write an essay based on the Wikipedia page.

5. When you wake up reinvigorated after a particularly successful nap.


6. What it feels like you were doing when you look back on the last eight hours of work.


7. When you're bored of using academic language.

8. When you realise there's no possible way you can work in such a messy room.

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9. When you try and work with your friends who are also having essay crises.

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10. When you talk to someone about their essay and they talk about the texts they used, on the outside you're like:

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But inwardly you're like:

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Comedy Central
Comedy Central

11. When you haven't slept in days but there's no option but to keep going.

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12. When you get home from the library.


13. When your family ask how you're doing.

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14. When your friends see you on day three of your essay crisis.

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15. When someone has taken out the only copy of the book you need from the library.


16. 90% of the time you spend online.

17. When you're still working at 4am and you're regretting every life decision that led you to this point.


18. When your deadline's in the afternoon so you decide to finish it off in the morning, then oversleep.

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19. When you're struggling to hit the minimum word count.


20. When you want to write an honest conclusion.

21. Whenever you start doing work.

22. When someone checks up on you after you haven't left your room in days.


23. When you try to impose an argument onto what you've been writing.

24. When you return to proofread your essay once it's done.


25. When your computer breaks and you lose half your work.

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26. When you think you've finished but then remember you have to reference.


27. When the printer runs out of ink and your deadline is minutes away.


28. When people tell you, "Oh, it's just an essay."

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