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Dec 22, 2014

31 Stocking Stuffers That Will Take You Back To Your Childhood

Father Christmas always did have excellent taste.

1. These clicky-bendy doodahs.

2. A Mr Frosty ice maker.

3. One of these expanding spheres.

4. A Styrofoam glider.

5. A pet Magic Wriggler.

6. A miracle fish that could definitely read your mind.

7. One of these aliens.

8. Animals you created by adding water.

9. Iron-on beads.

10. A moody face ball.

11. A Tamagotchi.

12. Push-pops.

13. Multi-coloured pens.

14. Slap bands.

15. Chocolate coins.

16. Glow-in-the-dark stars for your ceiling.

17. Troll dolls.

18. A finger skateboard.

19. Sticklebricks.

20. A case so you could have Pringles in your lunchbox.

21. Marble Run components.

22. A pin-art board.

23. Smelly gel pens.

24. A potato gun.

25. A Pokémon starter pack.

26. Koosh balls.

27. Michelin I-Spy books.

28. A water snake.

29. Perfection.

30. A Tomy Ring-Toss game.

31. A Chocolate Orange.

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