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    Can You Make It Through This Post Without Visibly Cringing?

    Probably not.

    1. We'll start you off easily, with this passive-aggressive selfie.

    2. No? OK, try to imagine being given this business card from a random Lothario.

    3. Does this hardcore fedora fan make your toes curl?

    4. What about this stunning proposal?

    5. How about this Facebook post?

    6. Maybe this My Little Pony doll with mysterious hole in its butt will send a shudder through you?

    7. Does this man's knowing smirk send the wrong kind of shivers down your back?

    8. Do this man's tears fill you with nausea and dread?

    9. Does the existence of this hat, and that we live in a world where it found enough backers to fund its existence, make you wince?

    10. What about this double whammy of embarrassment from a mum and son?

    11. Surely this man who turned himself into a Brony meme merits some kind of shudder?

    12. Or this shy flirtation over text?

    13. Does this gripping and definitely true Tumblr post make you clench a bit?

    14. Does this Instagram photo fill you with the utter dread of self-recognition?

    15. This nice guy has to give you the creeps.

    16. And this is wrong on so many levels...

    17. Does this creep make you feel sick to your stomach?

    18. Is your lip slowly curling as you read this cry out against fedora purists?

    19. Like this dude, probably.

    20. Are you grateful Coleen Nolan isn't your mum?

    21. Does this man's careful and precise dating selection process make your stomach tighten?

    22. No? Fine, what about this kiss between two clubbing revellers?

    23. Maybe the cringiest of them all: John Travolta at the Oscars.

    1. Did you make it through the list without cringing?

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    Did you make it through the list without cringing?
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      Yes! I live on the internet and have seen far, far worse things than these.
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      No! It was a cringefest from beginning to the end.

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