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27 Times Teachers Had Fun In Their Jobs

Who said the class clown had to be a student?

1. Sometimes, teaching can feel a bit like this.

2. And you can understand why teachers might sometimes want to escape their offices.

3. So it's time to celebrate the teachers who still find joy in their work – such as this creative-writing teacher who gave their class a list of potential children's book titles to avoid.

4. This maths teacher who is pretty damn pleased with his festive problem solving.

5. This teacher who isn't above praising the parents too.

6. This teacher who taught life lessons as well as science.

7. This teacher who even used her snow day to teach her student a thing or two.

8. This teacher who asks the important questions.

9. This teacher who supplements their income creatively.

10. This teacher who asked a tough question but was impressed by the response.

11. This music teacher who made their rule have one exception.

12. This teacher who's #Down #With #The #Kids.

13. This teacher who wrote all her students a sweet message at the end of the year.

14. This maths teacher who was sick of his students stealing his pencils.

15. The creator of the quiz shaming board.

16. The teacher who put up this doom-filled warning.

17. This teacher who delivered bad news with a sense of humour.

18. The chemistry teacher who was totally done with PDA.

19. The psychology teacher who found a glitch in the matrix.

20. The teacher who used his power for evil.

21. This teacher who dropped an unbelievable diss into the middle of his physics exam.

22. This teacher who tells it like it is.

23. This history teacher who summed up western history in 10 "F" words.

24. This teacher who rewarded an extraordinary drawing of a ninja.

25. This teacher whose :) didn't detract from the serious message.

26. Mrs Azrai, who found a passive aggressive way to get Josh to sort his life out.

27. This English teacher who went full method actor on his class.