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    A Guardsman Broke The Rules Outside Buckingham Palace And Did A Splendid Dance

    Her Maj will not be pleased.

    While the Queen was away in Scotland last month, one creative Grenadier Guardsman took the opportunity to add an unusual twist to his usual sentry duty.

    Notice how he never breaks the pace of his march with his lovely pirouette – 10/10 guardsmanship right there.

    He also pauses to give the sentry box a quick wipe.

    All in the name of duty, of course.

    At several points he freezes and shows a remarkable sense of balance.

    If that doesn't deter any potential break-ins to Buckingham Palace, then nothing can.

    Watch the whole thing here!

    View this video on YouTube

    Reaction beneath the video was split.

    This former cavalry member is not impressed.

    Others were more sympathetic to the Guardsman.

    Not everyone is as amused by his antics though, and the Ministry of Defence has confirmed it is investigating the stunt.

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