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    25 Things Only People Who Fail At Exercise Will Understand

    You can work out on the sofa...right?

    1. You take a long hard look at yourself and realise something has to change.

    2. Your entire fitness regime could be summed up by this pie chart.

    Jo Barrow/ BuzzFeed

    3. You turn to your friends for support and guidance in the long road to fitness.

    Color Force / Via

    4. "Today is the first day of the REST OF MY LIFE."

    Bright/Kauffman/Crane Productions / Via

    5. Before doing anything though, you have to make a playlist...

    Focus Features / Via

    ...which you will forget about until your friends unearth it at a party in a few months time and everyone will laugh at the idea that you ever ran to David Guetta megamixes.

    6. You prepare yourself with some intensive research.

    Jo Barrow / BuzzFeed

    7. You wonder if you should get a gym membership.

    KoMut Entertainment / Via

    8. But then you remember what happened last time...

    FOX / Via

    9. Snacking is now totally guilt-free.

    Castle Rock Entertainment / Via

    It's just fuel for all that exercise you'll definitely be doing later.

    10. You test the water with something small in the safety of your room.

    Broadway Video / Via

    11. You tell yourself you're going to do 100 sit-ups.

    Jeff Franklin Productions / Via Jo Barrow / BuzzFeed

    12. No... 50. You meant 50 sit-ups.

    Overbrook Entertainment / Via

    13. Eight... Nine... Ten!

    MTV / Via

    Great workout! You rock!

    14. You imagine going for a run to be just like this.

    Disney / Via

    15. Because accepting your actual limits is far too depressing.

    Objective Productions / Via
    Objective Productions / Via

    16. You carb-load.

    Sharp Entertainment / Via

    Athletes do that, right?

    17. And then realise that was a terrible idea.

    18. You would go for a run, but you have to make yourself wait at least four hours after eating just to make sure you don't get cramp.

    Apatow Productions / Via

    19. You try on your running shoes and cannot believe how comfortable they are.

    Paramount Pictures / Via Jo Barrow / BuzzFeed

    Why would you waste these on exercising?!

    20. When everything's sorted, you are finally ready to go on that run.

    FOX / Via

    Just time to psyche yourself up a bit before you leave.

    21. You suddenly realise that your favourite show is just starting.

    Bright/Kauffman/Crane Productions / Via

    22. So you decide to do what exercise you can in front of the TV.

    Gold Circle Films / Via

    23. You realise you're exhausted after that long day of exercising.

    Touchstone Pictures / Via

    24. You usually end up making the tough decision.

    Bunim/Murray Productions / Via

    It's better to exercise in the morning anyway, isn't it?

    25. But secretly, you know that this is what you wanted all along.

    Dorothy Parker Drank Here Productions / Via

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