25 Things Only People Who Fail At Exercise Will Understand

    You can work out on the sofa...right?

    1. You take a long hard look at yourself and realise something has to change.

    2. Your entire fitness regime could be summed up by this pie chart.

    3. You turn to your friends for support and guidance in the long road to fitness.

    4. "Today is the first day of the REST OF MY LIFE."

    5. Before doing anything though, you have to make a playlist...

    6. You prepare yourself with some intensive research.

    7. You wonder if you should get a gym membership.

    8. But then you remember what happened last time...

    9. Snacking is now totally guilt-free.

    10. You test the water with something small in the safety of your room.

    11. You tell yourself you're going to do 100 sit-ups.

    12. No... 50. You meant 50 sit-ups.

    13. Eight... Nine... Ten!

    14. You imagine going for a run to be just like this.

    15. Because accepting your actual limits is far too depressing.

    16. You carb-load.

    17. And then realise that was a terrible idea.

    18. You would go for a run, but you have to make yourself wait at least four hours after eating just to make sure you don't get cramp.

    19. You try on your running shoes and cannot believe how comfortable they are.

    20. When everything's sorted, you are finally ready to go on that run.

    21. You suddenly realise that your favourite show is just starting.

    22. So you decide to do what exercise you can in front of the TV.

    23. You realise you're exhausted after that long day of exercising.

    24. You usually end up making the tough decision.

    25. But secretly, you know that this is what you wanted all along.