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17 Things That Happen When Your BFF Goes Travelling Without You

Expect a lot of updates about how bad their food poisoning is.

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1. You throw them a leaving party.

Because even though they're about to have a trip of the lifetime, it's important to remind your BFF how awesome their home life is and will continue to be when they return.


3. Make one last attempt to make them stay.

In this analogy, your best friend is the cat, which is bittersweet because now they've gone, your best friend will probably have to actually be a cat.


8. Sometimes you don't hear from them for a couple of days, and it terrifies you.


Even though you know it's probably just because they're having an amazing time in the mountains or desert or somewhere else incredible.

9. But as soon as they get back in touch, they'll dive straight into important conversations like this:

Jo Barrow / BuzzFeed

You know it's because your BFF loves you too much to tell stories about how much fun they're having. So they tell you about their neverending shits and how terrible the food is instead.

10. And the two or three times they actually manage to Skype you last for hours and hours.

17. You know your BFF will come back and nothing will have changed at all.


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