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    Organize Your Room With These PVC Pipe Hacks

    Organize YO' LIFE.

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    4 Ways To Organize Your Bedroom With PVC Pipes


    1. Organize your dresser drawers.


    Cut PVC pipes to store all of the things you shove into that one drawer that won't close anymore!

    2. Tidy up your shoe collection.


    You can even decorate it with some contact paper to make it all ~fancy.~

    3. Make your own laptop holder!!!


    Put a bunch of PVC pipes together and ta-dAAA you have this laptop holder thingy!

    4. DIY your own garment rack.


    Paint your walls white and put this bad boy in an aesthetic looking corner of your room with all of your hottest outfits and you'll feel just like a famous YouTuber!

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