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    • joannerubing

      I went through this entire article holding my breath awaiting reference to migraine disease. When I could no longer hold my breath, I did a search, the results of which yielded a few references but only among the comments. I know many people who agree with every word you have written, but none of them has been awakened at 3 AM by the Migraine Monster. Yes, I have kept extensive diaries: every migraine has appeared after ingesting something on your list of foods with the elusive ingredients. No, not MSG, I’m not stupid enough to consume that stuff, but the rest: Parmesan, tomatoes, mushrooms, your whole list. Write away, talk about MSG as GRAS, but give me your phone number, so I can call you at 3 AM and relieve my poor husband of the burden of living with a migraineur.

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