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  • 10 Hilariously Dated News Reports On “New” Technologies

    Before a technology really makes it big, we, as a society, struggle to understand exactly what it is and how to use it. And now, thanks to technology, we have the embarrassing news reports to prove exactly how much we didn’t “get” concepts like The Internet, Remote Controls and even Compact Discs, back when they were still new—and they’re all hilarious. Enjoy this trip through memory lane and marvel at the astounding inventions of the 20th century.

  • The 10 Strangest Terrifying Creatures Ever Found

    These creatures are found all over the planet (/internet) and beg the question, “What the hell is that?” Pictures of them get circulated everywhere from some random no-name blog to national television news, giving everyone a chance to make their own quasi-educated (by TV/movies) opinion. So, displaying both the hype and the reality, here are the ten strangest terrifying creatures that are not only convincing, but are sometimes an actual mystery.

  • The 13 Most Brutal Public Pranks of All Time

    From dressing up a little demon girl, to convincing a man that he is about to die, to convincing a supermodel that she has a naked stalker that has kidnapped her neighbor, here are 13 pranks that could have honestly killed a person with a weak enough heart. These jokesters are the real deal, and they just don’t give a flying f*ck who they put in mortal danger.

  • Top 10 Cruelest Video Game Pranks of All Time

    Nobody goes more crazy and over-the-top than the gaming industry when it comes to April Fool’s jokes. From fake nude codes to the Dead Alive games, to phony delivery services that would change our lives as we know it, to products that don’t, but should, exist. So, in light of a day of the year where you can’t trust anything on the internet, here are the cruelest jokes that have ever been played on gamers other than the ones God has pulled already.

  • The 11 Most Miserable Places in the U.S.

    The United States is a huge piece of land and not all of it is fun and dandy. In fact, there are some pretty miserable places to live in the U.S. and lots of reasons why. From cities with awful weather and ugly residents to cities with high bestiality and low libido, here are the 11 most miserable places in the U.S. ever.

  • When Boobs Attack! 7 Stories of Deadly Breasts

    From an Israeli model who got bitten by a snake and killed it with poison in her fake breaks to a guy who tried to kill his mom to buy breast implants for his girlfriend, here are the craziest times that a pair of breasts has ever been deadly — leading to tragedy, near-death experiences or murder.

  • 9 Greatest Warlocks in Video Game History

    In honor of the last three weeks of Charlie Sheen insanity (and how the dust has finally settled on it) here’s a list of the 9 greatest Warlocks in video game history. Like, real Warlocks, not just the kind that live with porn stars and make more money unemployed than most of us will in our entire lives.

  • The 30 Hottest Celtic Girls Wearing Green

    It’s about that time of year to salute all the hottest women of Celtic origin who make the world a better, luckier place to live with their hotness. These are the hottest women who have Celtic blood running through their veins wearing green—natural redheads were given extra points.

  • Top 14 Drunk People Interrupting the News

    In honor of St. Patrick’s Day week, this is a list of the greatest drunks to ever interrupt a news cast. From men trying to stuff a dollar down a reporter’s shirt to women passing by hitting them with their purses, here are the craziest, funniest and most insane drunk people ever to be part of the news.

  • The 9 Craziest Pregnant Women in News Report History

    Anybody who has another human being growing inside them for nine months has the right to go a little crazy. But these pregnant women have taken their nine-month phase to a whole new level. From drunk-robbing a taco shop with a hammer to getting into a full-on fist fight at a parking lot to getting their fourth DUI, these pregnant maniacs prove that expecting a baby does not always lead to self-improvement. Here are the 9 craziest pregnant women in news report history.

  • Top 20 Bible Passages to Use Against Fundamentalists

    Fundamentalists hold the most extreme and literal interpretations of The Bible and are quick to point you to a Bible passage to prove that something like homosexuality is abominable and condemns you to hell or that molesting children is fine as long as you say some words quietly into your hands. Conveniently, they ignore some of the most straightforward rules for no reason other than they just don’t fit in with the type of society they want. So, here are those forgotten Christian rules that need to be followed if they’re really going to stick their guns on the whole gay marriage, abortion and child molestation thing and how to use them against Fundamentalists on these issues.

  • Top 7 (Real) VooDoo Gone Wrong Stories

    What’s better for the day after Mardi Gras than an ode to one of Louisiana’s primary dangers: real voodoo curses. Voodoo actually kills people in the U.S. and around the world. Sure, it kills mostly because people perform life-threatening rituals and because they’re so afraid of curses that they’re willing to kill before any effects take place, but still, voodoo kills. So, here are the worst times that real voodoo has ever gone wrong and actually caused some (often unintentional) death in some way, shape or form.

  • Top 7 Most Brutal Parade Float Accidents

    Mardi Gras is that time of year where drunken people and crazy floats crowd the streets. It’s a mosh pit of colors, dance and revelry and, sometimes, fatal accidents. Here are the craziest, most brutal parade float accidents that has ever taken place, from a driver who runs over his own brother to a power line falling and electrocuting dozens of people. To everybody out there ready to have a good time, stay away from the big odd-shaped things coming down the streets. They are not your friend.

  • Top 10 Hottest Movie Moms of All Time

    Sure, it’s not Mother’s Day, not by a longshot, but Diane Lane just got cast as Clark Kent’s mom in the Superman reboot, so it’s time to look back on all of the most pants-tighteningly hot MILFs in film history, what roles they played, and what them so hot. Diane Lane is going to be the hottest Ma’ Kent ever. Here are the hottest movie moms of all time, in all their MILFy glory.

  • The Absolute Best of the Annoying Facebook Girl Meme (OMGZ!)

    Hi, Annoying Facebook Girl is a meme that basically illustrates all the most annoying things anyone can do on Facebook, while putting the actions in the hands of an annoying looking teenage girl who is completely oblivious of exactly how annoying she is being. Because no matter who you are, what you do or what you look like, if you do any of these things on Facebook, you’re acting like a teenage girl. Here’s the best of the Annoying Facebook Girl meme, in all its miserably relevant glory.

  • The 13 Craziest Objects Ever Found Inside People

    Not even a whole bottle of Tums can take care of this one. Either people need to find better stuff to eat, or the food in their area is really this bad. From an inmate with over 30 objects found up his rectum, to lawyers with weird fetishes, to a woman who ate an entire set of cutlery, here are the weirdest things ever found inside people complaining of “inexplicable” stomach pains. Seriously, what the hell.

  • The 17 Craziest Charlie Sheen F*ck Ups of All Time

    We’ve seen more of Charlie Sheen’s insanity than ever before since he’s recently started opening his mouth defending himself, most notably going against the hand that feeds him by starting a “war” with CBS and Two and a Half Men creator Chuck Lorre. Here, in full list-form and in all their headline glory, are the craziest things Charlie Sheen has ever done — and that’s saying something. From taking a knife to his girlfriend, to flat out shooting her, to threatening his wife’s life, to using his status to try and get a hooker, here are his most dumbass shenanigans all in one place.

  • Top 10 Fattest Criminals of All Time

    Criminals aren’t supposed to be entertaining, but when they are as big as an U-haul truck, it’s hard not to laugh. From the woman who sat on her boyfriend and killed him to the 600 pound man who scammed restaurants for years to the violent pothead who shot his mother over a burger from Rally’s, here are the fattest criminals who have ever used their weight as their power (and/or weakness) in the history of fat criminals.

  • The 13 Most Arduous Animal Sex Habits

    You think YOU have a tough time getting laid? These 13 animals work for sex more than any species on earth. From drinking pee to morphing the size and shape of their penis, to actually DYING for sex, here are thirteen animals that have the hardest time getting laid. Warning: terrible sex jokes ahead…

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