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    • joannac22

      Art is subjective and the world is a varied place.
      There are as many different tastes, morals, and points of view out there as there are people, it’s all one big White Elephant sale where one persons treasure is anothers trash.
      Although your computer seems like a personal space, when you make posts ‘public’ in reality you are putting them out into the word for the world to see and have an opinion about. The personal freedoms that we enjoy which allow us to express ourselves freely also allow those who disagree with us the freedoms to express themselves as well; as an artist you invite this interaction with your work and realise that some will like your work and some will not and that is their right, but at least they are talking about it.
      What is not okay is the right that some people believe they have to commit acts of cruelty and attack a person personally in a hateful fashion. You should not behave this way in person, there are laws in place that would apply to some of these behaviours if you did, so why would you think it is okay to behave this way online? Hateful comments like wishing another person illness and death are appalling, I think it points more to problems that the people posting have and make me want to recommend that they talk to someone before they hurt either themselves or someone else. This however is a sad reality of the world we live in, so we must either protect ourselves or change that world, and I applaud Lindsay Bottos for taking up this challenge. She has managed to reach a large number of people and started an important discussion that will hopefully create action. I invite everyone to draw a line of acceptable behaviour and do what you can to reduce hatred and victimisation of any kind, just beware the dangers of acting in the same ways as those you find unacceptable as it is an easy trap to fall into.
      If we don’t like the world we live in we CAN change it, one thought at a time, one action at a time, one person at a time.

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