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11 Struggles Only Ice Cream Shop Workers Understand

Oh, you want 5,000 free samples?

1. Being sticky becomes a way of life.

2. Your hands cramp up into ice cream claws after so much scooping.

3. One or both forearms become abnormally strong from all the repeated scooping.

4. Customers freak out when you're out of their favorite flavor.

5. Mountains of the world's most disgusting goopy ice cream dishes to wash.

6. The inevitable burns that come from making waffle cones.

7. Everyone who comes in is filled with the joy of getting ice cream while this is your unpleasant job.

8. The trash is just a disaster bag full of liquid ice cream.

9. Somehow children mixed with ice cream always involves screaming or crying.

10. So many people can't make up their minds and ask bizarre questions.

11. Some people can't handle free samples.