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What Your Favorite Soda Says About You

Or pop or coke.

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You were born to LIVE. You have an infectious zest for life and you're typically the leader of the pack. (Be careful if you ride a motorcycle, though.) When life gives you obstacles, you saw right through them with a chainsaw while screaming, "Look at me, life!"

Diet Coke

You're cool. There's no getting around that. You can often be seen around town straight TAKING CARE OF BUSINESS. Nobody messes with you and lives to tell about it. And pretty much everyone secretly wants to be you. Check their diaries. You'll see.

Coke Zero

Coca Cola

Whoa, you have an air of mystery. Everything you do seems so effortless. You're kind of a trendsetter without even trying. When you walk by, people are always asking "Who is THAT? Who is that mysterious sexy person????" And maybe they'll never know.

Cherry Coke

Somebody call the fun police, because they should lock you up and put you in Fun Jail. Don't worry, there's no such thing. But you are really fun and everyone loves you. You're not afraid to let loose and the joy in your heart shines like a rainbow that blinds everyone with happiness.




You know exactly what you're doing. You're smart and capable and you're really going places in life. Your decisions are always the right ones and everyone is impressed. Sometimes people think you're crazy but then they always see you were right in the end. You get to say "I told you so" to basically everyone.

Diet Pepsi

You're like an exotic bird. You're just living your life, exuding a natural beauty while accomplishing your dreams. And while you seem naturally beautiful, on the inside you're as tough as they come. And the truth is, you can do ANYTHING. And people might even be a little intimidated by you because you're UNSTOPPABLE.

Dr. Pepper

You're the human equivalent of a party bus. Fun AND going places. The party doesn't start until you arrive. That's a commonly used cliche, but seriously, everyone just sits on the floor crying until you get there. It's real. Everyone in your life would be lost without you.

Diet Dr. Pepper

You're a little bit sassy. And people love you for it. You're just a great person to talk to. You make everyone's lives brighter, not unlike the sun. But you're not afraid to say what's on your mind. And what's on your mind? Usually brilliant things.



Coca Cola

You're a good person. And you're a little bit magic. The power of everyday magic flows through you and everything you do, quietly electrifying everyone you come in contact with. Your inner glow has the power to hypnotize people so no one should ever mess with you.

7 Up

Dr Pepper/Seven Up, Inc.

You're talented. You really are just good at stuff. It's impressive. You were a gift sent to the world. Maybe you're already wowing people with your skills or maybe you're saving it for the future where you blow everyone away like a mighty hurricane of wonder.

Mountain Dew

You know you're extreme. No one drinks Mountain Dew and isn't extreme. That's just a given. Even if you aren't extreme, you become extreme simply by drinking Mountain Dew. That remains clear. You blast through life like a lightning bolt and no one even tries to stop you.

Diet Mountain Dew


You can't be classified as just one thing. You have so many different sides to you. A sporty side, a romantic side, a sensitive side. You have everything going for you. You're like a brilliant sparkling diamond wearing really cool athletic sneakers.



You're smart and sophisticated. You always look good, even when you're not trying. You're kind of like a human dolphin, so streamlined and free, jumping through life. No one can catch you. Swim away, dolphin. The sea is yours.

Pibb Xtra (formerly known as Mr Pibb)

You do whatever the hell you want. No one can stop you. You're an independent thinker. You'll never be found just following the herd. The herd is off doing something dumb and you're like a mile away doing something AWESOME that blows the herd's collective herd mind.


Ginger Ale

You're smart. Everybody knows it. If there's a problem, you've already fixed it. You took care of it already. That's how good you are. Oh no! There's another problem--oh! You fixed it. Again. Already. Thank you!

Root Beer

You're charming. You're a smooth talker and everybody likes you. Yes, even that person you think hates you actually likes you a lot. They can't help themselves. You're THAT charming. No one can escape your charm. It's like a tidal wave of charm and we're all going to drown in it, happily.


Cream Soda

You have amazing taste. You just know what's good. Some people don't know. Not everyone has that special ability, but you do. No matter what anyone says, your taste is better than everyone else's. It's the best in the world.

Grape Soda

You make bold choices. Everyone admires your bravery and strength. You're a leader. It's time to embrace your destiny and lead. Be the leader you know you were born to be. Your name is written in the stars. Probably blocking out dumb constellations like Orion.


You live life on the edge. Sometimes people get worried about you, but you can handle it. You can handle it better than anyone else. You were made for this. You were made for the thrill. You ARE the thrill.