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What Your Favorite Baby Animal Says About How You Will Die

Is it puppies or kittens? Either way, we're all going to die.

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Baby Dog

Flickr: 7147684@N03 / Via Creative Commons

If you're into puppies, this may seem like an odd coincidence, but your death will involve being smothered by puppies. You'll be in a situation with many, maybe hundreds, of puppies and you'll suffocate.


Baby Fox

Junko Kimura / Getty Images

If you like baby foxes, you will die sandwiched between two Jake Gyllenhaals. By the time of your death, human cloning will be a reality and there will be at least two Jake Gyllenhaals and you will die crushed or smothered somehow by them.


Baby Capybara

Flickr: pixellou / Via Creative Commons

If baby capybaras are your favorite, you will die from being too perfect for this world. Eventually, the earth will no longer be able to sustain having your presence and angels will carry you away into space.

If you can't choose a favorite or your favorite isn't on this list, then you will never die.