The History Of Gross, Lovey-Dovey Nicknames

When did people start using today’s disgusting terms of endearment?

1. Darling - 9th century

Source: Oxford English Dictionary

The Archbishop of Canterbury has died, darling.

2. Sweetheart - 1290

Source: OED

These ages ain’t so dark with you, sweetheart.

3. Honey - 1375

Source: OED

My honey’s got the plague.

4. Baby - 1684

Source: OED

Welcome to the Renaissance, baby.

5. Cutie - 1768

Source: OED

Care for some johnnycakes, cutie?

6. Sweetie - 1778

Source: OED

That Duchess of Devonshire is a real… sweetie.

7. Pumpkin - 1900

Source: OED

Oh pumpkin, what a nice broad-brimmed hat.

8. Snookums - 1919

Source: OED

No more booze for you, snookums.

9. Sweetie Pie - 1928

source: OED

Can you stop dancing the Charleston for two seconds, sweetie pie?

10. Sugar - 1930

Source: OED

Oh sugar, you’re what makes this depression great.

11. Baby Cake - 1949

Source: OED

First recorded use of “baby cake” as a name was for a dog, but still.

12. Boo - 1990s

Source: Cassell Dictionary of Slang

Damn, boo.

13. Schmoopy - Seinfeld?

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