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The Ultimate Thanksgiving Drinking Game

Your family's all in one room — get ready to chug.

1. When someone refers to the turkey as "moist."

2. When someone refers to the turkey as "dry."

3. Anytime anyone says "tryptophan."

4. Someone asks for an unreasonably large piece of pie.

5. Someone asks for an unreasonably tiny piece of pie.

6. Someone actually eats the canned cranberry sauce.

7. Someone brings a "raw" or "clean eating" or "paleo" side dish.

8. Someone asks a personal question you'd rather not answer.

9. Someone falls asleep right after dinner.

10. Someone falls asleep BEFORE dinner.

11. Even if the turkey you're about to eat wasn't brined, someone feels the need to discuss turkey brining.

12. Someone actually says "Gobble gobble."

13. Someone unbuttons their pants.

14. Someone takes off their pants.

15. An argument breaks out over whether or not the turkey is done.

16. After five minutes of trying to explain what your job is, no one understands.

17. Someone defends their right to play Christmas music on Thanksgiving.

18. Someone has to make an emergency run to the store (and maybe that person is you).

19. Whenever eating time gets pushed back 30 minutes or more.

20. Someone says "I'm going on a diet tomorrow."

21. Someone tries to initiate tossing the football around.

22. Someone (and maybe it's you) eats five or more dinner rolls.

23. You receive a category 5 awkward hug.

24. Someone brings up Obamacare and things get weird.

25. Someone tries to describe in detail a thing that happened in the Macy's parade and no one cares.

26. You're forced to awkwardly say what you're thankful for.